Yesterday …


built a bookcase. Except there are no in it. It’s all DVDs, and some figurines Open-mouthed smile The dragons are official Dungeons and Dragons figurines, to scale and all that. The red one? Worth like 4x what we paid for it now Surprised smile *squee* See the clock though? That’s when we finished getting it done! Surprised smile


That afternoon/morning, we went to Best Buy, Target, and … I think that was it. Oh, the mall!! This is us on the way home Open-mouthed smile


It was around noon, I think. Not bad temps, honestly! Open-mouthed smile After triple temps, we’ll take the 95F! (it’s in the 70s now Open-mouthed smile)


Two of the extras on the trip. Josh, who had to be assured that the flash was off Open-mouthed smile and Monkey, who was depressed about something. Or tired of sitting. Also, you might notice something different with her seat: we removed the back from her booster! She feels like a big girl now (honestly, we took it off because I got tired of the back flopping, Laughing out loud).


We had some storms flow through. Not bad and didn’t last that long (unlike the ones that woke us up at midnight because the weather radio kept going off!!)

Later on, we went to Wal-Mart. We couldn’t remember what we needed, so we skipped it earlier. Going at 7pm? On a Sunday? Like going at 7am, on a Sunday. Nearly empty!! Open-mouthed smile


I got the normal bathroom necessities Open-mouthed smile Time for a recolor (Chocolate Caramel again!)


And that’s what the purple razor package is for … TMI? Oh well! Open-mouthed smile


I took some . Open-mouthed smile


Even while I was washing my face. I’m using the warming blackhead scrub. Trust me, it gets oh so nice and warm! Love it!!


Then I did some Pore Perfect Strips. Don’t worry, I didn’t take any pictures of what came off on THOSE *eww* SO GROSS!!


Glasses got a little spotty!! And no, those aren’t scratches, just a dried spot from a previous cleaning Laughing out loud


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