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The Nerd Emerges Happily

Originally posted on my LJ, but I figured I’d expand here 😀

So, I was discussing a NaNo idea with Josh. I LOVE the idea of doing a DnD one, but I want a modern twist on it. He helped me semi-flesh out an idea:
IDEA A : The MC is in the “modern” world, and is a gamer, and gets knocked unconscious living out a DnD fantasy “dream”.
IDEA B : The MC is asked out by the resident “geek” (who isn’t the stereotypical geek, I swear. He doesn’t live in his mom’s basement ;)). She turns him down, and somehow she ends up in the DnD fantasy world, and the only way to get out/wake-up is with the help of the “geek”. She learns a lot about herself, and finds she actually knew more than she thought she did. Or something.

The idea better happen. I just bought TWO books on Amazon to support the idea.
Oh well, if not, Josh wanted them anyways 😀

I’m getting good responses:

From @Cylithria: “you know what I Love, love, love the Idea B, but then again I love Idea A too. These are brilliant Sarah (and Josh) now I am all excited to read these. Hurry up and write it already will you? ;)”

From @daisysmiles4you: “I think I like the 2nd one…I always feel kinda of cheated at the end by the first type of plot. They can be very good but to find out that it’s all “just a dream”….Ie sigh. shrug … Plus w/the 2nd you could do a bunch with misunderstandings due to jargon and the like real world vs gaming…”

My response to @daisysmiles4you: “I was already coming up with quotes. I can bring in Star Trek, Lord of the Ring, Star Wars, etc into it 😀 Alternate universe sounds more fun. :-P”

I’m leaning towards IDEA B a lot more than anything else Open-mouthed smile

So, I’ve got books on order from Amazon. One is one I’ve wanted for awhile, the Silver Marches. I also got one that Josh has wanted, Monster Manual III. His reasoning behind that was “I don’t know every animal in the world”. Open-mouthed smile I like that excuse. I’ll be using a lot from Forgotten Realms Campaign Setting to write the book as well. This one is going to be FUN!