Daily Archives: 15 July, 2011

Kids And Electronics

New Fan for the Laptop I’ll admit that I’ve priced laptops for Madi. Something like acer aspire laptops or netbooks. Something small and portable, but that would hopefully take a bit more of a beating.

What scares me most is that in a few years, she’s probably going to REQUIRE one for school. Surprised smile She already has a point-and-shoot (my Sony Cybershot), an MP3 player (my Sony Walkman), and if I ever get a Nook, she’ll have access to it (because of the apps). Yeah, she’s a tech-dork already.

I love how much she’s learning to use electronics, but I also love that she’s more than content to sit at the kitchen table and just DRAW! That’s another reason I want to get her a laptop. We can hook the tablet up to that.

Happy With What I Have


I randomly do searches for insurance costs. I know I’m getting the best deal at State Farm, but sometimes, I look and see what places like Geico, Progressive, Wholesaleinsurance.net, etc. have. We currently pay around the same cost for our insurance as we do our cellphones. That’s with life, renters, 2 cars, a form of AAA and hospital coverage (if injured and need hospitalization, insurance will pay $100 a day). That’s not a bad deal, IMO. Others might want cheaper, but that’s for ABOVE the minimum requirement and $500 deductible-full-coverage on the truck (car’s so not worth it, Open-mouthed smile)

So, all in all, I need to stop looking and be happy with what I have.

In other news: Josh’s transfer was approved by the Topeka station. His PM in Lawrence just got back from Vacation Wednesday, I think, so might not be until next week when he knows a for sure date. BIG news: one transfer person is from INDY!! INDY!! Some of my home has traveled to Kansas!!

My Opinions, I have Them

Snowball Fight

I have enough drama in my life. I don’t need to watch wrestling, nor own wrestling t-shirts. In fact, I make Josh turn off the television if he’s going to watch wrestling. I think it’s stupid and moronic, and childish. It’s fake. Yeah, real injuries happen but it’s all fake. I’m sick and tired of hearing how it’s a real sport. It’s as much of a sport as basket weaving.

Now, wrestling like what’s done in high school and the like? That’s real. I’m not knocking it. Just the WWE and all that. Still find it sad that Dwayne Johnson went back to it. I liked him better as an actor.