Daily Archives: 22 June, 2011

Hmm … okay

Controlling Hands

No, I’m not needing a page for jeux xbox. I don’t speak French. I barely speak English sometimes.

My kids do love some Wii and PS2. Josh is trying to teach them how to play the PS2 with the controllers. They’re too used to the Wii controllers, I think.

Personally, I love the Nintendo DS. Of course, they’re now $99 at Walmart. The version I want. I want just the basic DS Lite. I have a Phat, and damn it, I want a Lite. Light, pale, pearlized pink. Please.

Can you get on that please?

And now I’m going to enjoy the cuteness of my son singing Iridescent by Linkin Park. He’s so excited for Dark of the Moon

The NEW GS Mega!!

Taking this straight from the newsletter, so I don’t screw anything up Winking smile

I present to you- The GingerScraps Essential Collection!

Including 12 kits: Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Purple, Dawn, Dusk, Golden Sand, Good Earth, Full Moon, and New Moon.

Each color is sold separately to create beautiful monochromatic layouts. Purchase the Mega Bundles which include the full Color Collection or the full Neutral Collection- or- if you looking for an AMAZING deal you can purchase the Ultimate Essentials Collection, and receive ALL 12 kits for a huge savings!! Continue reading