Some Fun With Scrapping

Not much is going on today. I wanted to get a lot of scrapping done, but I didn’t get much. I ended up passing out on the couch for a couple hours Surprised smile I didn’t sleep well last night, and I definitely needed that nap!

First, a from . I ? her stuff!!

So freaking cute right? I ? shaped cards!!

Kit: by Ginger @ … available soon
Template: Frosty Treat Card Templates by Creations by Julie


This was for a challenge at Brownie Smile … make a signature using the “”, which I got all at once, plus the add-on, by being a part of the June Addicts Club. Sweet deal, right?

This was for the Challenge. I’m already a , but they wanted currents who wanted to stay on the team to do the as well. This challenge:

Please create a layout that tells me a story! It could be the story of How you and your significant other met, the story of your child’s birth, the story of your life, or any other story that you would like to scrap!
Your layout MUST have at least:
1. 2 photo’s
2. 10 lines of journaling,
3. and finally, part of your layout MUST be blended.

My blending was the patterned paper on the left side Smile Looks like tissue paper or something now Smile

Kit: by

There were two women who had longer hair. One was sick of the headaches. One was sick of having to brush it daily. So, they convinced the male in their life that they needed to get it cut. It was getting warmer and something cooler was needed. He wasn’t thrilled with the shortness, but he agreed. Now, he sees that both females are much happier with their shorter hair.


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