Lost Some Weight

Well, not really Laughing out loud. But I did make a huge change in myself!

Madi has a new lookI went short too

Madi and I both got MAJOR changes! Madi’s is shorter than mine, but I lost more hair, if that makes sense Winking smile

Also, has their new out! ! There’s even a “glamping”! I have lots of to use for this, but I figured I’d show off that it doesn’t have to be about camping!!

My first layout is about the busted ness of some vehicles. Those vehicles were involved in major wrecks. Both of the ones involved (family-wise) walked away with just a few bumps and bruises. The pink/purple truck was my sisters, and the white one was Josh’s. The middle picture is of the “redneck” life. As Jeff Foxworthy puts it, “If you mow your front yard and find a car, you might be a redneck.” That’s my family.

My second layout is of my family’s “Redneck Yacht Club”. The beer bottles were done by my dad. Normally, they’re not there. Smile

Kit: Camp Out buffet by the GS Designers

Another thing for June is the Grab Bag! This month, it’s from Rachel, of Smile Trust me, it really does rock hard core! I made a gift bag with mine Smile


Kit: by Pretty in Green
Template: WendyBird Designs


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2 responses to “Lost Some Weight

  1. The hair looks great! And I love your take on the camp out kits. 🙂 I remember seeing you tweet about working on layouts and thinking of the Redneck Yacht Club song. Too funny! 🙂 The pages turned out awesome!
    Jacque recently posted..G2S summed up to 140 characters or lessMy Profile

    • Thanks!!

      Yeah, that’s the layout I was working on, 😆 I saw the “Git ‘R Done” tag and I’m like “Oh, so gotta do my family!!”