Life and The Like, Plus New Releases

First (this happened TODAY):

There is a kid who’s just a bad kid all around. He needs an attitude adjustment badly.

So, they’re throwing baseballs, and I finally just had enough. I told him off for it.

Told him flat out that if he breaks my window I was going to break him.

Weird, but best part, the other kids were standing up with me, saying that he needed to stop, or he was going to get his family evicted.

Then, I have a neighbor walk up to me and thank me, for saying it. Said that she’s forever out there telling them to stop throwing rocks and things because they’re going to break something.

Ugh! is quite apparent.


Yesterday started as a very pretty day. Just gorgeous and nice. Temps were perfect all around. All that good stuff.


I enjoyed a nice little walk outside, while getting the mail. Enjoying the views of the landscaping in the complex.

Captured the Storm

I even opened up some windows. Then some major storm clouds started rolling in, and the windows had to be closed because of the force of the wind!

Captured the Storm

Crazy but COOL shots were gotten by me! I had fun standing on my front patio taking LOTS of !

Rain ComethRain Cometh

Then the rain FELL! But not for long. Within 5-10 minutes, blue skies were back!!

When it was time to go wait for the kids, I noticed the clouds were back!!

Another Storm on the HorizonAnother Storm on the HorizonAnother Storm on the HorizonAnother Storm on the Horizon

I even caught the bus as it was dropping off the kids on the hill! I also had a couple stare-downs with the neighborhood nosy old guy and *shudder* in #4 Winking smile So, on top of Asshole Kid today, and the *shudders* yesterday, I might be giving the impression that I’m a stuck-up little bitch, but honestly, I don’t care. Neighbors who are decent (like across the street that I talked to today and Jodi, next door) will know that I’m not. I’m just not afraid to state my opinions Smile

Then, when the kids got home, we had ice cream cones. Totally should have taken pictures of it because it was the first time BOTH kids stayed nice and clean, Surprised smile

Josh got home, and we enjoyed a nice dinner of Hamburger Helper Crunchy Taco or something like that. The kids and Josh liked it. I can’t eat it because I’ll have heartburn for two days. Bad enough that I’ve got garlic burps and I can’t even remember the last time I had garlic Disappointed smile

Sunset Storm CloudsSunset Storm CloudsSunset Storm CloudsSunset Storm Clouds

Later on, we were hearing some thunder-booms, and I looked out. I was working on taking pictures of a hybrid project (showing soon in this post, I promise Smile with tongue out), and I looked out the window. I moved my white box out of the way of the door, and took some more pictures outside.

The third shot is nearly directly out my kitchen/dining room window. That is why the front half of the apartment is frying in the evening and the back half in the mornings. Our windows are nearly due-East and due-West!

NOW!! Time for the New Releases


First … has a guest spot for the month at 9th and Bloom!! Congratulations Wendy!!

For her first release, exclusive for the month of May to , is a “Slice of Cake” hybrid box!!


Here’s what I did with it:

Made Pretty Sweet HybridsMade Pretty Sweet HybridsMade Pretty Sweet HybridsMade Pretty Sweet Hybrids

Too cute, right? I used the Made Pretty Sweet collab by and Pretty in Green

Next up, Pretty in Green and have a collab together: Time to Shave


I used both the Hybrid card from Julie and kit pieces from Rachel ::


I really love how it came out! I inked the edges in red, and it just makes it all POP!

Last, but not least: Creations by Julie also has a template pack!!



Pictures were all taken with my cellphone. I Red heart that phone!! I used the Puddle Jumpers Buffet for the kit Smile

So, that’s basically it for now. I feel much better blogging about what happened this morning, plus, I loved sharing some of the pictures I took yesterday.

Well, tah-tah for now!!


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