A Pox on You

I’ve been reading too many romance novels, especially ones set not long after the US became the US officially (you know, after the Revolutionary War? Like early 1800s). Anyways, they always say “A pox on such-and-such” instead of cursing. I like that!


Yes, there is a point to getting a shot of that tool. My brother, annoyed at something on FB, decided to try, in very stunted BAD English (and grammar)


Yeah, I’m one of the morons who brings squabbles to FB, but hell, this one REALLY pissed me off!

It was a joke. A freaking JOKE. And he went off for that. Surprised smile

And, yes, my sister had removed me, but she added me back. She got pissed because I didn’t jump for joy that her son was walking. Or crawling. Or something.

I’m glad I’m not doing any funeral planning because I’m not sure they’d show up if I died Surprised smile Laughing out loud


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