Dealing With Life

This year, and I never even had to go “I wonder if a payday cash advance would help us out.” This year, for once, Josh worked at least 30-35 each week. Surprised smile He also found out that one person just recently retired and no one really knew she was going to do it. Another carrier leaves at the end of the year (I think this is his last week Surprised smile). Another is talking about leaving on December 21, 2012 *snort* … can you figure out the significance of that date? Rolling on the floor laughing At least he has a sense of humor on that.

Honestly, by 2015 or so, when they say that the will be bankrupt if something isn’t done, over half the carriers in Josh’s stations (2) will be gone into retirement or past it. Yeah, over HALF! Scary, right? That’s also semi-good news. It means that Josh doesn’t have to worry about being sent somewhere else because they can’t lose carriers. They have 52, I think, currently between the 2 stations and every single carrier has an 8 hour or longer route, even the runners Surprised smile SCARY!


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