The New Year

Every year I go with the same standard “”:

  1. Work out
  2. Scrap more
  3. Get organized

Surprised smile Every year … I suck at them. ALWAYS.

This year, instead, I’m going to just set some little goals:

  • Instead of work-out, I’m going to complete my 21-day challenge thing via EA Active 2.
    You can track my progress Surprised smile Oh goodness, now I have to be accountable for what I’m doing. Punch
  • I want to get the kids’ some scrapbook pages done. Ones specifically for them, starting THIS YEAR, since I don’t have a lot of pictures from when they were smaller (they’re WAY too small to scrap Sad smile) that tells who they are, what they like, how they feel, all that good stuff Smile
  • Organization has never been my strong suit. Surprised smile Yeah, going to totally be working on that. Wish me luck, PERIOD on that! I’m getting an HTC Surround phone from Bzzagent soon, and that runs on Windows 7. That should also help keep me organized, as well as my Log Your Memory planner that I have. Any other suggestions would just be amazing!

So, other than that, there’s not much I want to change. We’re going to officially be looking for a house soon. We’ll see how our and things change for that. Wish us lots of luck with that!


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