P52 – and a Warning

First, the warning:
Two of my designers have released products yesterday (I would have posted YESTERDAY, but modem died ), so I’m going to be doing TWO MORE posts, πŸ˜† . I just thought that I would warn you on that πŸ™‚

Now, onto my layouts:

Background: by Ramona
Little Buccaneer WA, Ahoy WA: Pirate’s Life by Ramona
Glitter Splatter, Week alpha: Back to School by Ramona
Tags, Dates: Every Day Bliss the Basics by
Scalloped border: by Scrappin’ Daisies
Label: by Scrappin’ Daisies
32 alpha: by Marti
Pea Faye
Pea Happy Girl
Pea Jenny Roman

Dates, DOTW: Scrap Your Life by Statements by Jodi
Papers: Scrap Your Life by MandyMade
Border: by
Rollercoaster: County Fair by the GS designers
Monkey: Scrappin Safari by the GS designers
Heart: by GS designers
Confetti: Sweet Celebrations by the GS designers
Week of Tag: Scrap Your Life by MandyMade
Pea Crisby Funky
Pea Kiley

Now onto the pictures for the week:

218/365 - Through the Roll
Madison rolled up a piece of paper, and pretended it was a bunch of things. I used her as practice for my depth-of-field shots πŸ™‚

219/365 - Typical Boy
Saturday Photo Hunt theme was colorful. Nothing more colorful than Ethan’s room, that’s for sure!

220/365 - Back to School Food
Did the annual back-to-school lunch shopping. We did it right after Josh got paid for the simple fact that we wanted to make sure we got what we needed before we spent anything else. Kids got juice boxes, fruit snacks, rice krispy treats, and LOTS of chips. Oh, and granola bars.

221/365 - Non-Sunday Day Off
Josh actually had a day off during the week! I enjoyed that day with him!

222/365 - I WON A KIDLE
The week got even better when I got notification from Swagbucks that I won an Amazon Kindle! squee

223/365 - Cloudy Tower
The week then turned crappy the next day. The kids turned into complete and total buttheads. I took the camera, and abandoned them with Josh and took a walk.

224/365 - Soft Water
Playing with the camera, seeing what kinds of shots I can get. Is it just me, or does the water look like plastic wrap?


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