Daily Archives: 11 August, 2010

Is It Tuesday Yet?


I got this picture (and a whole bunch of others) because I had to step outside and just GET AWAY from my kids. Josh was home, so don’t assume I’d abandoned them or anything.

Today they were just AWFUL. They were TOTAL and COMPLETE assholes. Ugh! I’m ready for school to start. So ready for the 17th!

Speaking of dates to look forward to:

  • By this time next week, I should have my Kindle!
  • By this time next week, kids will be in school!!!
  • September 19th, we’re planning to go to RenFest. That weekend, its the PIRATES! PIRATES! *squee* I love pirates. I’ve invited @Cylithria, and need to remember to invite @VelvetVoice. Julie and Mark are already going. They’re the ones who chose the date.

Did I mention that my Kindle was shipped today? *squee* Can you tell I’m excited?