Daily Archives: 3 August, 2010

All About Me

No, I’m not going to do a weird post, just showing off some layouts. Angie, of Down This Road Designs, is doing August Addicts at Brownie Scraps. She’s setting forth challenges for each week. This week, we had to make 2 layouts, combining 3 topics:

For this challenge you will create 2 layouts using the Pieces of Me kit.
Topics to choose from:
My nicknames are….
3 words that describe me
3 things I like about myself
3 things I would like to change about myself
3 people I would like to meet (living or dead)
3 things that matter to me
Something about me that no one else knows….
Favorite piece of advice…
My most perfect day would be….
Pick any 3 of these topics and create 2 layouts using the kit Pieces of Me. You MUST use journaling for this challenge!! It can be just a phrase or a paragraph but, you must journal in some way.

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Hot in Herre


Ugh! I’m so against summer. I think summer should be banned!! See that temp? Fucking crazy, right? *blech*

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