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Beautiful Day


Well, I think it was. I took some Benadryl late last night and it screwed up my sleeping. Took it almost 2 hours earlier today, and I’m already out of it (took it a half-hour ago).

Tonight, we went back to Elmont for the second Parent’s Night. 🙂 Madi’s teacher is just as awesome as Ethan’s. I’ve gotten really lucky with the kiddo’s teachers!

I also signed up to be the “official photographer” for Madi’s class. So I’m doing both! That means I go on field trips and things like that with the kids. NOW I won’t feel so weird taking pictures of other peoples’ kids, 😆

Plans for Wednesday

Nothing big, just a new “tradition” I’m hoping to start.

Lotus has her weekly winners, and I’m not taking away from that. I’m just adding a spin to it: Monthly Winners. Instead of just shots from the week, it’ll be my favorite shots from the month. Maybe a few I didn’t toss into the Weekly Winners posts, or something like that. Or just my ultimate faves. We’ll see Wednesday, I guess 🙂


Oh my god, I’m SO bored when the kids aren’t home. I’m actually looking into wii accessories that make it so I can play more games online. WTH? I hate gaming with people I don’t know, yet I’m looking at it!

241/365 - Inside My New Purse

Yesterday, though, I did get a new purse! It holds my REBEL and my Kindle! *squee* It also can hold my Cybershot and my Impression! *w00t*

Weekly Winners: August 22-28, 2010


Madi's Shoes Ethan's New Shoes
Ethan and Madison got new shoes for school!
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The Rest of the Day

Passed Out

So, today, we’re gonna relax and chill. Kids are parked in front of the TV, watching The Chipmunks movie. Its the first one, though the guide said it was the second. They’re also happily nomming on popcorn. Lucky kids!!

Good news? The popcorn smell takes away the cigarette and discount cigars smell from the air, courtesy of the idiots below us. The doc asked yesterday if Ethan was exposed to second hand smoke, and I said “not by us, but by everyone else in our building”. I’m curious on if she put yes or no on the chart, 😆