SPH: Hanging

Theme: Hanging


Yesterday, we took the to Shawnee North Aquatic Center. We stayed for THREE hours. It was freaking CROWDED, and getting worse by the hour, so we finally got tired of being trampled and headed home.

We had though. We all got a little burnt, and that’s with applying sunscreen. I can say that the Neutrogena, though more expensive, definitely worked better than the Banana Boat that I got.

Ethan’s sunburn is already 100% tan. So, he’s officially known as BUTTHOLE today, 😆 for that reason.
Madi’s, like mine, got redder and hotter after the application of aloe, but besides being a little tired, she’s okay. Considering I conked from 5:30 to 7:30, and then from 11pm to 10am, I think it’s okay for her to be tired. I didn’t sleep great though. Hard to sleep when you’ve got sunburn on your back and you’re used to sleeping on your sides 😉


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  1. And Miles To Go....

    glad you had fun. Great take on this weeks theme.
    And Miles To Go…. recently posted..Saturday Photo Hunters 32-HangingMy Profile