Daily Archives: 22 July, 2010

Macro In Review

Nom on Toes 200/365 - Semi-Faded Birthmark 202/365 - The Lips I Love 198/365 - Strawberry Flavors 197/365 - Window to the Soul Freckled Eye Freckled Cheeks
201/365 - Washer Washin 203/365 - Kids Towels

I had fun with my camera this week!!

Today’s To Do List

Wrote this last night and e-mailed it to myself 😆

1. laundry
2. dishes
3. week 8 & 9, & 29s
4. hand out speed scrap pps
5. vacuum dining room and hallway, and around the desk
6. work on pre-writing for 2010 NaNo

New Release: B, W & Purple/Blue All Over

Two New kits from Pretty in Green first up is Black & White and Blue All Over, and since she has a lil boy and a lil girl she made Black & White and Purple All Over too. These whimsical kits are full of beautiful elements and rich texture, with a color scheme perfect for black and white photos, nothing makes black and white pop more than a lil pop of color. This kit contains 1 full alpha 20 papers and 48 elements. Not all the elements are shown in the preview, your going to love this kit! Save 20% on both of theses kits for the first week!

Here are two layouts I did (I already showed one in a previous post) Continue reading

Humidity is KILLER

Ugh! We’re having dew points in the mid-70s, which means seriously muggy temps here. Its even WORSE after it rains. My body so doesn’t like it. My joints all ache. 🙁 Heck, I can’t even sit at the computer for long before my shoulder, which got screwed up from 6 hours with no break working at Walmart, starts to burn, literally. It feels like its on fire under the skin, around the shoulder blade. Ouch and ugh!

But I have gotten some scrap pages done!

Background: Felt Flowers
Flowers: You’ve Got a Friend in Me
DOTW and date tags: Everyday Bliss
Love and Heart Ribbon Frame: Everyday Bliss: February
rainbow swirl and bear: Snuggle Rainbow
Sequin Flower: A New Love
Special Moments square: Everyday Moments

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