I’ll Admit It

I watched : The Boiling Point last night. What? You didn’t? 😆 I’m a huge fan of Cassie Steele and Shane Kippel. I loved watching Shane in Life With Derek. Hey, you watch what you can when you have limited cable channels 😆

So, last night was the BIG premiere of the start of the new season. Spinner {Kippel} found out that Jane {Paula Brancati} cheated on him with {I can’t remember his name, 😆 }. So, while he’s finding this out, Emma {Miriam McDonald} is burning down The Dot. OOPS!!

So, Manny {} and Jay {Mike Lobel}, along with Emma, decide to cheer up Spinner by taking him to Niagra Falls {remember, the show takes place in Canada, eh}. So, they gamble. Emma and Spinner get plastered, and then … MARRIED.

Lots of drama follows, but actually SWEET drama. Not over-the-top, but what you’d actually can imagine REALLY happening if you found out your ex was “getting married” just weeks after breaking up, and the reactions of one’s parents.

Honestly, they make as much sense as Manny and Jay, but I think I like that. I’m glad they’re doing more storylines around the older characters! It was so good to see Spike {Emma’s mom} and Snake {Emma’s step-dad, also a computer-related class teacher at Degrassi}. I’m hoping they do more with the characters. They can’t do too much with Manny, because her character lives in Cali now, pursuing a career in fame and fortune.

Oh, and can I please say that looks really good with the facial hair and longer locks? Dayum!


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