Daily Archives: 16 July, 2010

The Craziness of Skin

With the insanity that is my skin, I seriously consider checking out some sort of acne pill, or something. I’m tired of being broken out. I’m tired of dealing with the constant break-outs.
I also hate cleaning up the mess after I wash my face in the sink, so I only tend to do it when I shower. Well, I don’t shower every day, because my other skin tends to freak out and dry out. That, and my hair tends to get totally gross dry if I do it too often.
It’s a serious lose-lose situation lately 🙁

Quack Quack

My mom, as many know by now, broke her ankle the Tuesday we were there for vacation. That was an interesting week after that, to say the least. She’s now on disability insurance (well, she was before). Josh pays out money so that he has it as well. Honestly, of all the insurance monies we pay out, it’s one I’m thankful for. If something happens to me or the kids, he’ll have that to fall on, for a bit. I hope.

Nifty Loo

Josh was walking around the Lawrence Sidewalk sale yesterday (union meeting at 6pm, he finished at 5:30-ish). I was talking to him and could hear POS systems, which was pretty cool, since it’s all outside. He told me that as he was walking, and he heard his ringtone {Indy Jones}, he expected men carrying wicker baskets to run through, and hear “I … n … d … y” as they ran by. If I didn’t have enough proof that my husband is a total and complete dork, that would have so topped it off!

Macro Me + some more layouts

Julie suggested a theme week of macro this week, and I’ve gone gung ho for it!!

197/365 - Window to the Soul
This is the official shot of the day. I love Madi’s eyes! They’re such an amazing mixture of blue, green, and brown.
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Layout Making Fiend

Well, I feel like one anyway. I set a goal of 20 layouts. I’ve surpassed that with over forty, but less than 50, and July is now officially half over (or will be, in my neck of the woods, in less than 4 hours 😉 ).

Kit: Backyard BBQ by the GS Designers

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