Daily Archives: 9 July, 2010

The Right Way

There are no guaranteed diets that work. The rule of thumb is regular exercise and an intelligent diet, but event that isn’t guaranteed. Sometimes, you have to add something. Sometimes you have to take something away.

Personally, I’m more concerned with being healthy than being “in shape” or “thin”. I’m never going to be “thin”. I’ve had two kids, and I don’t have the genes for it, unless I work out like a maniac every day for several hours. Just so not me. For what purpose? So I can get approval from those who don’t really even matter? My husband loves me the way I am. My family, as well. And my friends.

So, if you’re doing it to get approval, no diet is really going to work. No diet is going to give you that self-esteem that you need.

The New Printer

So, as you might or might not know, we recently got a new printer. I was HOPING that the computer {aka the laptop} would recognize the scanning software part of it, but so far, it doesn’t see it. Oy to the vey. I’m not going to complain though, because I can PRINT from my laptop, and that’s a HUGE plus. I like printing out something from the bedroom while Josh is on the tower. Then he’s going “WTH” while I cackle evilly.

Your Addiction Makes You Pathetic

Recently, the state of Kansas put a ban on public smoking {in buildings, all of them, except state-owned casinos}, and to bypass this rule, a bunch of maroons are smoking electronic cigarettes. Seriously. How pathetic, seriously. I understand you just have to have that damn cigarette, but seriously? You’re going to try and circumvent state law with that.

Honestly, I don’t give two shits what you do. As long as I don’t have to smell your rank ass because of the smoke, or deal with the second hand smoke that seriously fucks me up.

But seriously, if you can’t go an hour or two without a cigarette, it might be time to be checking out yourself. Maybe really try and quit. Then you won’t have to bitch about the laws. Then you won’t have to bitch about the taxes on them, which, btw, are several dollars below the national average.

Hum, Whu?

Josh and I were discussing handles and pulls recently. You know, for like cabinets and things. He jokingly said that we need something like industrial handles because of our destructive children. The sad thing is that he could very well be right. They tend to destroy. We try and let them have some freedom, because too much structure sucks, but oy, they can turn the most mundane things into tools of destruction.

Please, oh please, tell me my kids aren’t the only ones with this so called super power?

Hmm …

Was there a show called “5th wheel warranty” or was it something else? I know there was one about being the 5th wheel. Where there were four folks on a bus, and they would get … OH! Next! That’s the name of it, 😆 The people got next’d. That’s right.

The weird things you remember, right? I have no idea why that show popped into my head. Weird.