Daily Archives: 2 July, 2010

Nothing but blue skies

While I’m listening to my son have a complete meltdown because we won’t let him out of his room (it’s bedtime and its still light out). He’s been a total butthole today. Nothing but fits and attitude. Its a never ending thing for him. Is it August 17th yet? That’s when he starts kindergarten. I heard below us slam their door, so I wouldn’t be surprised if they come up complaining about the noise he’s making (though her kids aren’t any quieter … and in fact are LOUDER).
Otherwise, today wasn’t too bad!! Madi got her hair cut!!
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Layouts and a Picture

First off, Madi got a hair cut!! Finally! It looks SO cute, IMO. She wanted it a lot shorter, but neither Josh or I were completely cool with that. Nope, must be ponytail length. It looks a little funky now, because one side curls more than the other, so it looks all lopsided. It should get better. She loves it though!

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