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photoaLately, I’ve been almost forcing myself to write something. I’m hating it. Really hating it. I love to write, but I hate being forced to come up with something to say each and every day. I’m not even sure I’m being read. If I am, no one’s saying anything, 😆

I’m not complaining. I’m not writing for anyone but myself. I just hate forcing it. So, I’m not going to anymore. If I don’t feel like writing anything, I won’t. I’ll try not to go longer than a week, but no more forcing. What’s the point?

Some More Layouts

Template: JulieMomof4 (make sure you check out her Template Pack for weeks 1-10)
Background Paper: Scrap Your Life by MandyMade
Secondary Background Paper: Scrap Your Life by MandyMade
Heart border: Doodle Borders by Gingerscraps
Heart border overlay paper: Scrap Your Life by MandyMade
Date strip: Date Me: Fourth Date by ModernJune
Bracket overlay: Scrap Your Life by MandyMade
Staples: Scrap Your Life P365/52 Collab by the GS designers
Days of the Week font: Pea Anna-Banana
Word Art: Kathy Winters
Journaling font: Pea Annalee
June 25th: We took a walk, and I found exploded thistles. So Cool!
26th: My ring, though not perfect, reminds me of the love I share with Josh
27th: We went to Holton, and the kids had fun playing outside in the much more tolerable temperatures.
28th: Time for some grocery shopping, and sometimes some things are more important than others.
29th: I have two of the most amazing kids in the world. They might be butts, but I wouldn’t give them back for anything!
30th: Last day of June. Day starts off with them being cute but never ends up that way!
July 1st: The kids laid down on the couch and were so cute, that I couldn’t resist a shot of them doing so. Madi wasn’t too sure of if it was a good thing that I liked it or not.

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Store Opening: Pretty in Green

Okay, so I never did post any layouts, but I do have A LOT for you right now (well, 3, )

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