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_MG_8164Can you see me now?


As I’ve mentioned, we’ve got an NALC union picnic tomorrow, so I’ve been doing some prepping for it:

My Hot Mailman
Wait! That’s not prepping. That’s me being up at 6am and catching shots of the sunrise and being outside as my husband leaves for work. Isn’t my mailman hot? 😆

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Yeah, the site is down because the one I host with didn’t pay the bill. August TENTH is the latest that my site will be down.

Yeah, I canceled that subscription. Ugh! This is seriously not necessary. If your personal life is screwing with your business this badly, where you can’t pay the business bills, its time to pull out of that business. I just can’t stand when this happens. I should have learned my lesson when she did this before. Couldn’t pay the bill and all that.

At least I know where to go next. I’m moving TM2TS to TotalChoiceHosting as soon as the site is up long enough for me to download the TM2TS database!

So freaking pissed right now

My main blog is down. Like GONE down. Thirty-four hours now, and only ONE update from the host. FRUCK! I’m moving hosts as soon as its back up, and if its not up by the first, I’m going to have to start ALL OVER again 🙁 4 years of blogging, GONE. I guess its a GOOD THING they didn’t do Blogathon this year, or I’d be completely freaking SCREWED. I’ll be, hopefully, keeping the same URL. Honestly, I was getting screwed in the prices anyway. $15 for what I was getting, and I’m paying half that for the hosting here, and have almost 3-times the space and bandwidth!

Well, I do have some layouts to share!

Kit: Summer Fun: Pool by Marni Designs

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Funneh Kitteh

This is my BIL Jesse’s new kitten, Eva. She’s so freaking ADORABLE, but very shy. Didn’t help that my kids were freaking INSANE. 🙁