Daily Archives: 26 June, 2010

Fresh Fruits


I miss having fresh fruits and veggies. I’m looking into seeing if hydroponic systems or something might be feasible in the apartment. I mean, if you can grow tomatoes in a pot, maybe I can grow more, you know? I get pretty much organic beef, so why not make it even better for my family by having home grown veggies? Nothing could really be better!!

Diet Pills *are* a Scam

Why do people continue to believe that they can lose weight, just by taking a pill? While apidexin scam isn’t the best source of information, it definitely spits it out, clear as day. To lose weight, the right way, and healthy way, you must combine both a lifestyle change in diet, but also exercise. Relying on a pill as a “quick fix” is, in my opinion, a pretty dumb thing to do.

Bills and More Bills

When it comes to bills, one thing we’re not looking at is cheap auto insurance quotes. I’m not risking losing the current great customer service that I get with State Farm. I’m also not going to be changing my mobile provider. For one thing, I’m only 6 months into a two-year contract. Yeah, Josh is out of contract, but I’m nowhere near it. Plus, with most of our family on AT&T, we basically talk to everyone for free. I like that!

But talking about cellphones reminds me that I’m already looking into my next cell, . I’ve got my eye on two different phones, but with a chance of two others. The two I’m thinking of is the Blackberry Bold, the Motorola Backflip. The two chance ones the Samsung Jack and the un-yet released, but hinted at Android by Samsung. They have one through Sprint, and a rep for Samsung told me, via Twitter, that they are in development for one for AT&T Praying

So, for now, I’m really leaning towards the Android, but I had such bad luck with Motorola before.

Finding Space

Josh and I were looking at dip stations. Josh jokingly said “Your dad can just take pieces from the truck and make one”. Is it bad that I actually considered it? Then again, I don’t really want huge arms, 😆

I’m planning, hoping, to start From Couch to 5K when the kids start school. The reason being that after they go off to school, I can quickly change and off I go, before it gets insanely hot. I can’t do it right now because when Josh gets off, by the time it’s cool enough outside, its dark! I can’t leave them alone in the apartment for a half hour, no matter how much I’d like to be able to.

Life Can Be Fun

I was talking with Josh at some point of starting my own photography business. One of the purchases I would have to make would definitely be a receipt printer, such as the tm-t88iv. What else would I need?

The biggest thing I need though, is a portfolio. I’m not even sure how to begin to do that! I really would love to be able to work on creating it though! If you have any suggestions, please, oh please, share them with me!!