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Longtime No Update

Yeah, well, no excuses! Instead of flooding you, I’ll just show a few of my favorites ūüėČ You can see the rest on my Flickr account

Okay, looking at the amount of layouts I chose, I’m gonna flood you, but I swear it could be WORSE!!
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My creation

Tomorrow, on Father’s Day, my baby girl will turn SEVEN. So today is her LAST DAY of being SIX. I can’t believe that seven years ago today, I was, without knowing it, spending my last day as “not a mom”. At 11pm, EST, I had a sharp stabbing pain that took me to the OB ER. It wasn’t a contraction, but was actually my body going “Um, we’re gonna go a little insane with your blood pressure and make your organs hurt”. OI!

But, 19 hours later, I got the greatest gift ever: MADISON RAE! Continue reading