So, I’m gonna give an update on now. While she’s not in the need of epiduo, she is going to be having on Monday. She’s gonna have to have steel plates put into her ankle, much like she had to have into her wrist about 2 years ago. I found out from Dad that she does have osteoporosis, caused by her meds that she has to take for her seizures. This woman is just a walking pile of accident, 😉

And don’t worry, I’ve told her this, and she’s hit me a few times for it, 😆

Today is super muggy, like icky muggy. Then again, we’re having rain showers off and on. I can’t believe I bitch about Kansas’s steaminess so much, 😆 Its nothing compared to here!


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  1. Hope she gets to feeling better soon and ya’ll still enjoy your trip 🙂
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