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Less Words Wednesday


The kids amaze me with their cuteness. Hopefully they spend the day cute and not butthole-ish.

Indiana Visit

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Nothing But Blue Skies

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Life if giving me lots of blue skies and semi-cloudless, but oi, I’m not getting blessed in the rest of things. Because it’s so absolutely gorgeous outside, and COOL, I want to open my windows. But, I can’t. Stupid kids are using fireworks, without parental supervision of ANY kind, unless these parents are expecting the guys who are doing railing painting to be their kids’ babysitters. Then again, that does explain a lot. These parents here seem to be laziest people ever when it comes to parenting.

Who wants to save me from the seriously pathetic parenting that seems to be ruling the nation. I’m not saying all parents are like that, but good lord, they seem to be the minority.

Sweetest Dog Ever

This is my FIL’s dog, Suzie. She seriously is the sweetest dog. About a month ago, her best friend, Molly, was put to sleep (mostly blind, mostly deaf, all for her). So Suzie is now officially a very lonely dog. She used to be super quiet, as Molly was the alpha between the two. We went to Josh’s dad’s yesterday, and she was a whining and shaking and making all sorts of noises. It actually made me smile a little, because its Suzie coming out of her shell, and letting people know what she wants and needs. I think she was also happy to see Madi, her other bestest friend.

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Madi and Suzie

Yesterday, we went to Holton. Josh’s dad wanted Josh’s help checking out the Silverado‘s brakes. BTW: its definitely the calipers. I remember that burning metal smell from the Jimmy when its calipers locked up. Considering Josh was pretty sure the calipers haven’t ever been changed, as far as he knows (and I think his dad confirmed that, minus a brake job, several years ago), that’s a long-lasting caliper 😛 It also needs a new/replacement power steering pump. That’s not too bad 😉 The Sonoma needed one too, 😆

We actually spent most of the day outside. Yes, even me! Crazy right? Well, it didn’t really get that hot, and Holton had a pretty steady breeze blowing up until it was about time for us to leave 🙂

Last night, Mark and Julie came over. Mark brought the laptop, so Julie was between us, and we were all comparing phones, 😆 Found out that the Samsung Captivate comes out THIS summer! I get to have a Samsung Android phone. Though it looks like they might not use my current charger connector though, 🙁 Oh well, I can send those to Mom and Dad, since Dad’s Blackjack and Rugged (for work) and Mom’s Blackjack (my old one) use the same connections.

Otherwise, not much is going on in this side of the world. Fireworks for Kids have started. Started yesterday morning, continued most of the day into the night, and started at 7am, and didn’t end until about half hour ago (it’s 3:15pm right now). The parking lot looks like a bomb went off because these kids aren’t cleaning up after themselves either. The biggest kicker: none of them are past the age of 11, and are doing this with absolutely no adult supervision at all, unless you count the adults who look out their windows, or the maintenance guy they’re shooting them off in front of.