No Pictures …

Well, I’m going to be taking some (no, I haven’t taken any yet, :lol:), but there will be no Memorial pics for Photo Hunt today. I can’t, just can’t, go and find my of . was Kathy’s dog. She was losing weight, barely able to walk, could barely see, if at all, couldn’t hear, and was tripping over stuff that hasn’t moved since before she was gotten from the shelter. So, she was put to sleep on Thursday. I’m not going into the drama surrounding that move (not about her being put to sleep but other stuff surrounding the decision).

Okay, I can share one picture:

This was taken a little over a year ago. Imagine those white patches on her face being much more prominent, and her fur looking very dull. That’s my last memory of her ūüôĀ I prefer to think of her this way, though.

We’re gonna miss you Molly! You were an amazing dog!!


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