Daily Archives: 28 May, 2010


I’m so on the hunt for the best blackhead treatment because, GROSS! I hate blackheads! Its seriously the grossest thing ever about my skin. I get them everywhere!! gag

I so totally typed “gas” instead of “gag” :lol:. Um, oops?

Speaking of gas, reminds me that I picked up frozen yogurt … with probiotics. CRAZY, right? At least hopefully I don’t have to eat the gag-tastic yogurt :lol:. I do have them in pill form though. Vegetarian versions, too, so a little healthier 🙂

Vacay Coming Soon

Next Sunday morning, Josh, me, and the kidlets, leave for Indiana. We’re going in the Trailblazer, and praying that the temps stay nice for the trip. We’re hoping that a nice early leave will put us in Illinois by the time it starts getting really warm.

My parents were looking into rv financing at one time for road trips like this. I don’t think 8 hours is a long enough trip to warrant that, especially since my parents have a half free house, :lol:.

Otherwise, I’m so excited for this trip. Just hoping we don’t have to deal with vomit.

Its not Wordless Wednesday …

so I can talk about this picture, 😆

Come on and ADMIT IT!! This shirt is FUNNY!!

I noticed it today at Walmart. I couldn’t resist it. So totally suits me!