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Week 21 – Layout and Pictures


Dates: Pea Summer Sweetness
Journaling: Georgia
Week 21 ribbons: P365 bundle by FlutterbyeFaery Designs
Date Strip: P365 Bundle by FlutterbyeFaery Designs
Green Paper: p365 by Misty O’Brien
Notebook Paper: Everyday Happenings by SDS
Days of the Week: Scrap Your Life by SbyJ

21st: Madi’s last day of school. First day dealing with a kiddo with a broken arm, and all I wanted to do was install Windows 7.
22nd: Ethan broke his arm on Thursday, and while he’s been more cranky than usual, he’s also been doing his best to be self-sufficient, which makes me love him all the more!
23rd: Whlle Madison wasn’t able to keep a bunch of things down because the humidity levels became insane and temps jumped up ten degrees in 24 hours, I went outside (Josh was home!) and took some pictures of new life.
24th: We’re making sure both kids are ready for back-to-school, even though they’re not in it right now. They have a few months, but being prpared is never a bad thing!
25th: Ethan got a cast on Tuesday. He got a red one and is getting used to it, slowly.
26th: I told Josh to stop making the pissy faces and this is the great smile I got after! I love him so much!
27th: Ethan always has the most uncomfortable smile when he forces it. Poor little dude. Always looks constipated or something. I love him anways!
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Keep on Moving

Josh and I were talking last night, again, about when we get a house, :lol:. One of the things we discussed was a “work-out” room. He wants a weight bench, but wants to also look at ellipticals and treadmills. We’re not 100% sure on which one we’d rather get. Personally, I like the treadmill. I’ve used both at the gym, and I like the adjust-ability of the treadmills. 🙂