Daily Archives: 26 May, 2010

So I’m a 7 User Now

So, I started resetting the laptop around 10pm last night. Oi! It was a lot of hard work.

Now, though, that I’m using 7 on the laptop, it was worth the headache.

Literal headache.

Oh, and almost 10 hours of screwing around with it, because 7 required SP1 for Vista. It took like 100+ updates to get to that. *zonk*

I’m so thoroughly and totally exhausted.

But, like I said, totally worth it. Laptop is running a lot, A LOT, smoother. I still only have 2 gigs, but you wouldn’t know with the way it’s running!! *squee*

And its cooler! The fan is kicking on a lot less! With Vista, it was running almost 24/7 the whole time the laptop was on! Crazy, right?

–Oh! And yes, 7 is on the tower, but now we’re fully Windows 7 peoples 😆