Oh the DRAMA

broke his arm yesterday. Well, last night. Around 8pm, he fell off of ’s dresser.

The Fall Shot
Not completely sure if that’s the whole picture, :lol:. This based on what Madi said, and he said similar but that Madi was involved. Oy!

Poor dude! At least he can smile
This is him in the , taken by Josh. Madi had 2 hours of school today, :lol:, so she and I had to stay home.

Ethan last night
They didn’t get home until close to midnight!! They left around 9pm (because we had to wait for Josh to get home from a union meeting).

He was a little out of it this morning. They gave him Tylenol with codeine, and boy, that little guy didn’t sleep, :lol:. He was awake, talking to Josh before he left for work before 7am, :lol:.

Big Goofy Grins
After some breakfast and juice, he’s doing a lot better!

Puffs of Cotton
He constantly looks worriedly at his arm though. Before they left last night, Josh actually had to reassure him that he wasn’t going to lose his hand. No idea where he got that πŸ™

In other news, school is officially out. Madi is officially a second grader. And she officially has her “first love” :lol:. Oy! What a year!!

141/365 - Time to Upgrade
Now excuse me while I back-up the laptop and deal with this! *w00t* From 32-bit Vista to 64-bit 7!


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