Week 20/52

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14th: Friday was Josh’s day off. We went snack shopping with me hungry. Not a smart idea!
15th: Saturday Madison got out her ponies and played with them. She absolutely loves playing with her horse figurines. I love hearing the stories she comes up with.
16th: With the end of school coming up, it’s time to start thinking of “Thank you” gifts for the teachers and bus drivers. This year is crafty frames!
17th: We woke up to “oh so pretty” weather, again, in Topeka. I’m seriously just over, completely over, seeing dark, gloomy clouds. Where’s my spring? Where’s my hint of summer? Last week of school, and it looks like Spring Break! Icks! Just so completely over this weather!
18th: Josh was off, and decided that Ethan’s room needed some major cleaning. Well, it definitely got done. It took him 3 hours to do it, though. What a mess!
19th: Ethan lined up all his cars in a row, and I thought Ironhide “protecting” Sarge and Fillmore was pretty cool!
20th: Madi came home with all of her cubby stuff on Wednesday. That included all of her name-related items. We actually forgot one when we took the picture, and it was my favorite one: a lady bug!
And the pictures for the week!
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