Daily Archives: 19 May, 2010

Post Got Ate

and I’m too pissy to re-type it right now. Maybe in teh AM

Some Recent Layouts


Toadally Cute by Snuggleberry Pie Designs
From A – Z Mega Kit and From A – Z Add-on by Snuggleberry Pie Designs
[ link ] by Damsel Designs
[ link ]
A Page A Day by the DSM Designers
Blue Skies and Sunshine
Bubble Bath Buddies
Templates are Pixelmania and Tetris bundles, from Nibbles Skribbles, available 05/20

Fail Blogger

Man, this is so not my year for P365, :lol:. No posts for yesterday. Then again, I couldn’t focus on a post. I couldn’t even focus on a BOOK!
Yeah, yesterday just seriously wasn’t my day! I did get a picture though, :lol:. Josh cleaned Ethan’s room, and I needed proof that it could be done, :lol:.