Daily Archives: 17 May, 2010

Monday Weather becomes Lazy Parkers

I was gonna show a picture of today’s ucky looking weather, in which we are in day 03 straight of, and around day 15 of for the month, but instead, you get the joy of seeing two classic cases of why I seriously hate my neighbors, all boiled down in how they take care of their cars or park their cars:

Example 01: Failure to Maintain Tires

Lazy Neighbor
I know tires aren’t cheap. We’re looking at $300 for two on my truck before winter starts, just to be safe.
This is going past week 3 and almost into week 4 like this. The worst part is that the owner of the car works for a freaking auto shop. So, even if he doesn’t get a freaking discount on the tires, he should be able to at least CHANGE the tire. Hell, I can change a tire. Not easily, but I know how to do it!

Good news has come: There is a bright notice on the car, saying it will be towed if not moved by tomorrow @ 9am. *w00t*
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