Daily Archives: 13 May, 2010

Week 19 – LO completed

Starting this week, I’m going to post the weekly shots, as well as the layout 🙂 That way I can show of the shots in full-size, as well as the layout 🙂

May 07 - 13, 2010

Kit: May Grab Bag by the Gingerscraps Designers

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Zoomed Out Panorama

I’m just testing things out with posting via Flickr with pictures and things. Maybe I’ll be able to use this for posting layouts.

But I did this utilizing Adobe Photoshop CS5 Extended. w00t for new tools. I’m loving this!!

For now, though, I think I’m done posting 😛


The little bright spot over the building is a rainbow. It was dusk, and I haven’t figured out how to get decent and good night shots with my camera 🙁

Toys on Hold

With having to get the computer last month, and then next month getting the kids some “big kid beds”, getting Josh a new toy, aka a PS3, is on hold.

The good news is that we have a working tower. We have money in savings that we need. We have the things for the kids, and our family, that we need.

Oh, and we don’t have to worry about buying beef for at least most of the year, courtesy of my father-in-law slaughtering the cow this year.

So, while we can’t go drop down $250 on a toy, we can spend $250 through-out the month on little things, like movies, maybe even a trip out to the movies. If we really wanted the PS3, we could get it, no prob. Just don’t see the need right now, since the PS2 and Wii work just fine 🙂