Daily Archives: 12 May, 2010

Ahhh… music

Finally transferred my music from the laptop to the tower. Well, come on!! 20 gigs of music sits so much better on a 1TB hard drive than a 250 ūüėÜ

Life is definitely good today.

Oh, sorry, can you tell that I’m listening to Zac Brown Band?

Now to get some decent headphones!! A friend suggested these Panasonic slim style because we have a similar dislike, and for the same reasons, of ear buds.

Otherwise, I’m seriously boring. Oh, well, we’re under tornado watches and severe thunderstorm warnings. That’s fun, right? Welcome to Kansas, right?

And now I’m telling my husband to shut up because I’m crying at God Must Be Busy. Sometimes he thinks I care a little too much about Star Trek. If we didn’t own the movie, I’d care more, but seriously, we own all the freaking movies (with my complete and total blessing, BTW), so ugh, an AMC-edited version is so not in my plans to watch).

I did get some “decent” pictures of today’s blah and boring gloomy sky:
05/12/2010 - Gloomy Weather