Daily Archives: 11 May, 2010

New-ish Release: The Joy by Nibbles Skribbles and Scraps of Ellay {freebie}

This was actually released Sunday, but I was out of town all day. Then, the big fiasco with the major host, that hosts a huge chunk of the digital scrapbooking community, going down. So, Manda, and Ellay, have their links up at 4Shared instead ūüôā Thank god for 4Shared, right?

Well, anyways, I’ve made THREE layouts using this kit! Can you tell I love it?
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I am so feeling my age today. It definitely is not feeling like spring this past week and this coming week. I’m used to it starting to heat up right now. We’re talking Madi is spending most of the week in PANTS because the temps are too chilly in the morning for her to be wearing shorts. Even in a jacket, we’re both shivering. I’m hoping this’ll keep me from wrinkle cream reviews for a bit, because, ugh, I’m not ready to age!

Save Me

from my own digestive system. Ugh! I ended up buying an OTC probiotic, to try and get my IBS under control. I was looking into apidexin reviews, not for any real purpose, and yeah, looks like it’s similar to the Jillian Michael’s stuff, which means I couldn’t use it, even if I wanted to. Good news is that the OTC probiotics, which is basically the same thing as in the yogurts and things, without the icky yogurt taste, WORKS so far on me. Then again, I have to pop a GasX when I do it as well, :lol:.

Anyone else have that problem?