Daily Archives: 6 May, 2010

Catch-up Day

I spent 6 or so hours busy in Photoshop. Oi! Never again will I let myself fall that far behind!!

What did I do? I made 11 Project365 layouts. That means 77 pictures in 11 layouts. That was A LOT of work! But I love how they turned out!!

Otherwise, not up to much. :lol:. Figures right?

Well, yesterday, Josh was scheduled off, but someone forgot to call him and tell him that he was actually scheduled on. And he was supposed to be off tomorrow, but he’s working now. This was supposed to be practically no hours week, and *boom* he’s got a full week! Works for me! One guy hit a dumpster with the LLV, so he has to retake the driving exam thing. Another one injured his hand at home, so he’s out for at least a couple weeks.

Anyone have any big plans? Josh and I are working on plans for our yearly trip to my parents. We leave a MONTH from today! Holy crap!!

P365 Layouts – Week 08-18

Layouts were created using:

Scrap Your Life //  Everyday Happenings – {Project 365} Collab – Grab Bag Add On \  Everyday Happenings – {Project 365} Collab //  Scrap Your Life~ With Flair \  Dot Dot Dash by Teri Mayo //  Girly Girl \  Flip Flops //  We Like To Play \  Make It Funky

Templates are by JulieMomof4, with one also being from GottaPixel

There might be a few more that I missed, and I’m sorry, but I did 11 layouts in 6 hours *gasp*