Monthly Archives: May 2010

Take a Walk …

Thistles are so cool looking! And these were TALL!!

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Always Forgetting Something!

Every time we go to the store, we always end up forgetting something. Thankfully, one thing I don’t have to ever worry about forgetting again is prenatal vitamins. *shudder* Two is enough for me, thank you very much 😆 .

Let’s see, this time, I planned to look into activity items for the kids. For the trip. Yeah, we didn’t get *anything* like that, 😆 . Oh well! They do have things to do. Not a huge amount, but we do have some items. I really wish they made crayons that didn’t melt!

Skin Issues

I’ve gotten lucky that I haven’t had to deal with eczema, like my mom has had to. I do get some weird rashes when I walk through tall grasses (which is why I’m looking into boots when I go to Indiana), but nothing like the crazy ones Mom gets. They can be pretty gross, :lol:. I’m not saying that to be mean. I’m just honest on that! They’re GROSS!!


Ugh! So I tried a “diet” pill awhile ago, and I think I’m still feeling the effects of it. Thank god for other things to fix that. No longer will I consider looking at things with apidexin or whatever. My health is just too precious to me!

In other news, my probiotic ice cream (well, frozen yogurt) is ummy, yummy!!

Trying something new


I’ve actually looked at lights similar to those at Seagull lighting, for when we get a house. The fixtures are so gorgeous! I’m wanting something fun and that will mesh well with stuff we already have, plus the theme(s) we plan on creating. Most of the house will be in blues and browns, beachy colors. Its one of the things Josh and I really agree on though even if he didn’t, I think he’d let me have it, since I’d be spending more time in it than he would, :lol:. Smart man, right?