Jan 2008 writings

The Title Will Go Here

Written by Sarah C. Burkett

Chapter One

Every day seems to start the same. Wake up, do whatever, and start the day. It’s a never ending cycle. Some days seem longer; some seem shorter. The days are always the same though, no matter how they might seem.

Marcos hated days that seemed to just drag on. She hated having to work, just to make ends meet. She hated her job, her boss in particular. James Roscoe was an ass, in every sense of the word. He always made cracks about her and her female coworkers, cracks that were not well received, nor appreciated. He talked to the guys with respect, but treated women, of all shapes and sizes like they were there just to please his sexual appetites.

Melanie shuddered at the thought of her obnoxious boss. He wasn’t a pleasant man to think about, nor was he a pleasant man to even look at. He had several missing front teeth, practically no hair, and he always smelled of bacon fat, as if he used it to bath with. No matter, the man, if one could call him that thought he was God’s gift to women. As if, Melanie thought to herself, with an inner shudder.

Snapping herself back to the present locale, she smiled across the table at her gorgeous little girl, Alison. Alison was her pride and joy, the one thing that kept her from running away and screaming from the office when Roscoe started pulling his sexist crap. Alison grinned back, the hole where her front tooth should be proudly shown.

“You lost the ,” Melanie exclaimed.

Alison grinned sheepishly. “I, um, pulled it out this morning. But, Mom, it was just hanging there, just dangling. I was scared to swallow it.”

Melanie chuckled at her little kindergartener. “It’s okay, honey. I’ve had to pull out a few teeth myself when I was your age. They’re stubborn little things, aren’t they?”

Alison laughed; the laugh so like her dad’s that it made Melanie a little melancholy, wishing that Travis McGhee had wanted something, anything to do with his daughter. He made it quite clear, though, when he married the blonde bimbo just weeks after ending things with Melanie when she told him she might be pregnant. She tried a few more times to contact him, but he never returned her calls, and her letters came back undeliverable.


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