T13 – 77th Edition

Long time, no see on this, but *w00t*, hoping to make this a more regular habit again!

Favorite Photos So Far

1. Bubbling Brook
I just love this looks!

2. Hidden Between the Leaves
If you look, you can see water!!

3. Blow Me
Its a fuzzball! Or whatever they’re called πŸ˜‰

4. 049 -1
I don’t know! I like it!!

5. 046 -1
Tree leaves, blowing in the wind!

6. 054 -1
I like how it’s half bright, half not!

7. 034 -1
Trees blowing in the wind!!

8. Fantasy Creek
Can you blame me for loving this? It looks even better in PRINT! Trust me!!

9. Wide-eyed
He’s my cuteness!!

10. Playing With Pappaw
Love the darkness and the motion!!

11. Snap of Momma 02
Madison got this picture!!

12. 115/365 - My Life, My Heart, My Soul
Another that looks amazing in print!!

13. Goofy Lover
*snort* I like it!!

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2 thoughts on “T13 – 77th Edition”

  1. Fun! Looks like you guys laugh a lot…my kinda people!
    .-= BridgetΒ΄s last blog ..So you want a successful blog? =-.

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