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2 More Days …

until the start of Writo-de-Mayo! I’m ready.
Just installed OpenOffice onto the tower! *w00t*

I’m trying to decide if I want to post the whole set of updates here, or if I’m just going to post wordcounts. Opinions?

Also, I’m looking for “friendly editors”. Those that want to read what I write, and help me fix grammatical errors, and the like, HOLLA!! Let me know!!

WW: Crispness of Nature


118/365 - Crispness of Nature


Topeka/Kansas is talking about a "sugar" tax. Drinks with sugar will have an extra tax, per gram of sugar, added to it. People are already having a cow because of the smoking ban (which I'm for, BTW), which includes cigars, and the like, plus the increase in taxes on those (to, you know, bring us up to the national average, in which we were close to $2 under). They're calling for an increase in alcohol taxes (which we already have, BTW).

The problem I have with the sugar tax is where does it end? Is it just on sodas and drinks like that? Or do they start adding it to other foods and products. I mean, come on, if they're calling it as a "health" reason, they need to do it across the board.

Which reminds me: people saying "we should eat healthier and stop the pre-processed crap".

Hello! Have you seen the fucking cost of fresh veggies and the like? We bought lettuce, mushroom, tomatoes, and pre-cut watermelon (because I don't have a big enough counter to cut one myself, :P). Plus, a few extra goodies, like chicken and pork, our total was over $100. Um, okay. Seriously?

I buy as fresh as I can afford. Even with Josh working at the USPS, we don't make a huge amount of money. He's only been there for almost 3 years. June will be 3 years. He made $55K last year. Yeah, sounds like a lot, but it's a family of four, with one person working. Plus, he has $60 a month or so come out for union dues, $5K for health insurance (a year), and we're paying on a vehicle (that was purchased because his got totaled, going to said job).


I’m for it

People are calling for the banning of China-made goods, and right now, I’m all for it! We’re dealing with dangerous, recalled toys and deadly drywall. What’s next? Asbestos cancer-causing products?

Then again, I’m also for a ban/larger fine on Toyota, as well, because how many products by them has been recalled?

Seriously? We out-source so much that I’m scared to death what would happen if nuclear power was allowed/done here in the US.

Oh, and the idea of opening up more oil platforms in the ocean? Have we not learned why not to do it from the recent explosion?

What to Get Men?

Josh and I discussed, well, okay, I discussed the best groomsmen gifts to get the guys, when we officially tie the knot.

He wants the basic boring flasks, or something like that. Personally, I think we should get them something that speaks on who they are, and their friendship (or family, as with Jesse ;)).

What do you think? Does it really matter?