Daily Archives: 27 April, 2010

Back to the Grindstone!

What? You don't like water shots? Personally, I'm using my washer to attempt to figure out how to get "softer" water shots. So far? Not doing so well. Do I care? Not one whit, because I'm having so much fun!

Oh, and Josh went with his dad. His dad is closing on 75 acres (and going to be finishing the paying off of the current 40-acre property, and selling it :(), and he tried to steal my Canon. I was like "Oh hell no!" and handed him the Pink Lady. I'm like, "unless you want to shell out another $700, just in case you break it", and he was like "battery charged in the pink one?" 😆

So, maybe he'll actually take some decent pics? Eh, who knows 😛

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