I Have an Owwie (*note* BLOOD)

I put the warning because I know some people are *icks* when it comes to 😛 I sliced the top of my open on my couch. The couch is old. So, some of the parts that attach the upholstery are coming loose. So, when Josh has a week, or several days in a row, off, he's gonna have to flip the couch, because this is dangerous for the kids. We can't afford … okay, we can afford to replace the couch, but it's kind of stupid to do so, considering we don't know where we'll be living a year from now. Will we be in a ? Or still in the apartment? It seriously would make a difference, considering that the living room/family room of the we buy could be a lot larger than what we have now, and we could have purchased a more expensive and better couch system 😛

Warning: BLOOD


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2 responses to “I Have an Owwie (*note* BLOOD)

  1. that looks like it hurt! *hugs*

    • The funny thing? Besides the initial pain of it slicing through the skin, not so much! I think I’ve killed those nerve endings in that toe, because if I’m going to cut my toe, it’s going to be on the right big toe, almost always!