Daily Archives: 21 April, 2010


Ugh, I wonder if I need to check out supplement reviews. Maybe that'll make me feel better? Maybe I'm hurting myself with not having enough of something or another? Reminds me I need to check out Nestle's challenge of replacing one sugary drink with water a day. You can win free water for a year! That would be cool. 😉 Otherwise, I think I want a nap. No, I need one! I have no idea what's going on or what's causing it, but it's annoying!!


Ugh, I think I need to go through a full detox. I'm looking into acneticin reviews, just to see if that's what I need. I'm constantly tired! I'm more than just tired. I'm EXHAUSTED! But, I can't fall asleep very easily. WTH is going on? *yawn* I guess my body is either saying that 8 hours is too much or not enough! I can function perfectly fine after being up for 36 hours, but nope, I can't function if I slept for 8 hours. O.o Anyone else deal with this?

Sleep Needed

Oi! I slept straight through the night on Sunday and Monday, and last night! I even napped yesterday, but I feel so run down!! Maybe I'll feel better after my work-out!! Speaking of work-out!! I randomly, when I'm standing still, start doing some of the moves (just shoulders over hips stuff), and Josh was like "hey, hold on, you have a line". He saw some definition starting. *squee* It means I'm doing the moves right!! YAY!! That seriously boosted my morale when it came to working out!! Today I get to try it out in the new shoes!! I'm all nervous again, :lol:!