Daily Archives: 19 April, 2010

LOTS of new layouts!!

Because I’m an idiot who thought she did this a long time ago!!

Kit: We Like to Play by MandyMade
There’s nothing cuter than a little boy who doesn’t want to take a bath at first, and then realizing that it’s an a-okay thing later on during the bath.
And there’s nothing funnier than hearing your husband go “Okay, stop with the paparazzi and let him have his bath.”

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Sleepy Times

I'm so freaking EXHAUSTED right now!! Yesterday was a busy insane day!! Otherwise, I'm enjoying the new tower. Josh took Ethan to Jesse's. Jesse needed some help removing some lattices, so Josh is helping out. Oh! And we got our hair cut!!


E before Sarah before Josh before


Ethan after Sarah after Josh after