He’s Almost 30

A Small Annoyance
Don’t be annoyed that I’m sharing that you are officially 29. One more year until you’re 30. I’ve got a great way to make you smile!! In 8 months, I’ll be the same age.

Oh crap!! I totally forgot about that!!

See! I told you I could make you smile!!

Sweet Siblings
In your 29 years on Earth, you’ve accomplished many things!!
1. You’re full housebroken!!
2. You graduated high school.
3. You graduated college with your AA.
4. You went from retail to a government job that’s not really a government job.
5. You met the woman of your dreams (or so you say :P)
6. You had two amazingly beautiful babies!!
7. You’ve moved to three different states, and regularly visit a fourth. Hey, you’re a travel nut!!
8. You are loved by so many people!
9. You are a great and loyal friend!

059/365 - K is for Kiss
10. Most important of all: you make my heart skip a beat every time you walk into a room. You make my soul sing when you smile. You make me feel like a princess and, because of you, I understand, truly, what really is.



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