Daily Archives: 16 April, 2010

Life Is Good

One plus we have with not having a house is not having to worry about mortgage life insurance. So far? That’s the only plus. Then again, Josh has amazing life insurance through the USPS. He dies, and I get 5x his average pay. That means I would get around $270K if he died. If nothing else, it would pay off a house, considering our max budget is $175K (if we’re lucky). Wish us luck on that.

I’m not going to think about losing Josh. No way, no way in hell! I’d literally fall apart if something happened to him. The wreck scared me so badly. Just reading that post from that day scares me shitless, literally!

Shopping … Again

beep beep beep
The barcode scanner just beeps.
Continuously, it drones on
beep beep beep
The thought of going back to retail
Scares me to the tips of my toes.

Okay, that feels better.
No, I’m not going back to work. Josh and I have already tentatively decided on a game plan, should the USPS go 5-day. He’ll be doing a night job (mostly overnights), and I’ll be going back to school, so that I can get my education on, and get a nice job that way. w00t

We’re hoping that doesn’t come to fruition, for the simple fact that that would require me to go into something I probably will hate in three years, but will have to continue anyway. If I get to go back, and study what I like, I’ll be a much happier camper.

Though, now, I have to figure out what I want to do!

Too Crazy

I’m never looking at insurance quotes online. I don’t care how cheap they are that way, no way, no how! Not even online life insurance!


Because, after three years, I still get random calls from Allstate going “Do you want such and such insurance?”. Hell to the nah! I love my State Farm! I love my State Farm agent! State Farm has never failed us, and always has our back! Trust me on this one!

So, while I will continue to buy things online (most recent being a pre-order of Sims 3: Ambitions!!), I will not be ordering my insurance that way.