Daily Archives: 12 April, 2010

Between Thursday and Thursday

this shit arrives. *deep breath*
No more bullshit excuses on “no space”
No more bullshit excuses on “this isn’t working”
Plus, hopefully by the time I go to my folks, smexy abs!!
I won’t be taking the whole series to my folks (because where the TV is, I risk falling through the ceiling into the 1st floor (and that’s *seriously* not an excuse, since Dad hasn’t put up the rails yet for the open areas in the family room/den area). I’ll take the 5 min abs! Maybe I can get Meg involved on that 😉

Biggest thing: After paying $80, including the shipping, I better fucking do this shit, or Josh is gonna kick my ass. And prob Kori and Kristi. *cough*
Hell, even JULIE says it looks hella fun!! And seriously? It does!!

Otherwise, I did 185 minutes of WiiFit and burned a whopping 251 calories. It killed the Powerbar I ate for breakfast, ROFL!