Daily Archives: 7 April, 2010

Sunny Days

Ethan and I have spent more time outside, so I scrapped it!

Kit: PJ’s Time by Craft-tastrophic Designs

Making a Schedule

Well, hopefully, soon, I’ll be getting HIP HOP ABS DVD Set – 6 Workouts Set. I have to wait until I get my PU2B payment, which should be Friday, and then I can safely order it 🙂

But, for now, to get myself ready, I’m working on getting onto a schedule for working out. By 9am, Madi is off to school. That means I can safely work out then. Today, I did some grocery shopping first, because we’re supposed to get storms later, and since we have construction right outside the apartment, and I know how stupid people get in construction and with rain, I went early.

Anyways, I moved my 100-200-200 training to Tuesday-Thursday-Saturday. Well, it’s 200-200 training now until my suspected carpal tunnel gets a little better, because otherwise my wrists give out during push-ups. OUCH! I’ve got a wrist brace for that.

Gah, I can’t stay on topic, can I? So, in addition to the 200-200 training, I added my 10 Minute Solution: Pilates on the Ball workout dvd. I do the whole thing on that day. Monday-Wednesday-Friday is a minimum of an hour with the WiiFit. Tonight, I might add one of the 10 Minute routines to the routine, but for now, this works.

I’m feeling good. Really good. I figured out how to maneuver things in the living room so that I can have plenty of space to work out. Plus, I’m able to block Ethan out of the living room so I can work out, without blocking him away from the bathroom. One-hundred percent SCORE!